hello san diego

Hi beach. I can’t wait to see you and feel your cool air on my face.

Dog Beach – you really are the happiest place on Earth. The girls are eager to run, play and get wet and sandy.

Smashball Set – I can’t wait to dust you off and show Steve my serious smash ball skills.

Diana – I can’t wait to carry you around and take photos of all the pretty flowers and beachiness in Solana

Early morning walks – Quiet, crisp and peaceful. You will be the first thing we do.

Stack of books – I will read all of you. I promise.

Blueberry Pancakes – I am coming, don’t you worry. I’ll be there Saturday morning to indulge in your delicousness.

Chips and Salsa – I will have you for breakfast, lunch and few more times in between.

Chino Farms – I can’t wait to meet you and cook delicious meals with your fresh produce.

Sunsets – I will stare at you until you disappear behind the horizon and leave a little round ball burned into my eyes.

Whales and / or Dolphins – Please come out and play. Pretty please.

Hello Vacation. I will see you all next week! Enjoy your weekend!



  1. The girls and I are packed and ready to go! 🙂

    Hurry up 5:00!

    • WOW- Chassie, so happy for you guys with a side salad of jealous! Have fun!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures. I still need to share my pics from Australia/New Zealand with you.

  2. Madeline & Vince says:

    Wonderful images of San Diego, a favorite place of ours too! Have a great time!

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