a little something i should tell you

I won’t beat around the bush about this one. We’ve been together long enough so here it is…drum roll please… Steve and I are packing up the girls and heading west…to San Diego. Just typing that seems surreal. Steve and I have talked and day dreamed about living in San Diego for years now. We love the city so much that we even got married there. I think we both never really thought it would happen but here were are, surrounded by boxes, freaking out a little and living off take out food. This fantasy just became reality real quick!

So you may ask yourself how does one celebrate a momentous occasion like this. Well if you just finished watching the Great Food Truck Race and were inspired by the winners then you drive to your nearest In N Out, ordered a grilled cheese animal style, pile it high with french fries and then make a complete mess of the table and yourself by gorging on this fried saucy masterpiece,  washing it down with a coke.

Now you can understand why I’ve disappeared for the last couple of weeks. Preparing for this journey has been nothing short of bittersweet. Vegas has been our home forever and leaving our friends and family has been a lot harder than we could have ever anticipated but the good news is that we are a quick hop, skip and a four hour drive away! Plus, who wouldn’t want to visit San Diego…it’s pretty much one of the most perfect places on the planet!

I’ll still be transitioning for a couple more weeks – starting a new job and finding a place to live will keep us busy for a little while but when I come back I’ll be brimming with new and wonderful fall recipes for you!

in the meantime, please enjoy these great reads and amazing recipes.


Smitten Kitchen

Pictures & Pancakes

Sunday Suppers

Diggin Food



  1. Wow, Chassie! That is the best food I have ever seen posted in a food blog! I love the honestly of CB&J. I have typed it before, and I will type it again: you are awesome!

    Enjoy the move west! D!

  2. We are going to miss you!! But happy you are trying a new and fun opportunity within the “family”. 😉

  3. yay!!! yay!!! yay!!! I’m so excited for you and Steve’s new adventure! Send me an email and let me know how this all came about. When are you moving, where are you working, living, all the juicy details. congrats!!

  4. Good luck Chassie! I’m excited for you. Moving is always so stressful but it sounds like San Diego is going to be the perfect fit for you guys. I’m hoping for a lot of good avocado recipes out of you now!


  1. […] in three weeks was enough to send both of us to an insane asylum. There was no time for lists. This was it. Pack up and […]

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