new beginnings

If you hadn’t already noticed I took a break from blogging for no other reason than I haven’t felt very inspired to write lately. The cold, dark weather sunk deep into my soul and instead of planting myself in front of the computer with a heavy blanket on my lap I planted myself in front of the TV with 2 layers of clothes, furry booties and a big, fat fire roaring in the background.

I needed it. It was my way of recharging after a very hectic 2011. Like most people – I was swallowed whole by the holidays. I wasn’t even given the courtesy of being chewed gently – just right down the hatch. The last thing I remember was being coated in a layer of powdered sugar and then emerging into the New Year vowing to swear off sugar and dairy for good – which is easier said than done considering the newest addition to our household is an espresso machine.

Hibernating for two…err three months was just what this girl needed. And although I haven’t been blogging about food – Steve and I have been very busy around our house on the hill. I learned last month that long gone are the days of gardening in my bikini top and a big floppy hat. I had to trade those in for long sleeve coveralls with matching mucking boots and work gloves. Yet, with only a few small glimpses of my skin peeking out of my coveralls I still managed to get stung by the nasty little stinging nettle plant that has decided to take over our yard. I sure hope that my new blackberry and raspberry bushes will be thrilled with their new home and bountiful with fruit after that whole ordeal.

We’ve also been baiting rattraps, removing more bees, tearing down a rotted breezeway, spending two days power spraying our roof only to finish half of it and then call in the professionals who finished it in 6 hours. We’ve also been slowly trimming away the ten years of palm fronds on the trees that line our driveway and then ceremoniously burning them at night to keep us warm. Ready to visit yet?

There has been significant progress on our made-from-scratch-with-wood-from-our-yard outdoor dining table. It weighs enough to need a small army to move it, can seat 14 people and with the chairs cost us about $300 to make. I see lots and lots of dinner parties in our future. Ready to visit now?

All in all 2012 has been good to us. We still daydream about hitting the lottery and expanding our kitchen and maybe one day having heated floors instead of plywood but we love our little house on the hill.



  1. Wondered what happened to you . . .almost deleted you from my RSS feed. Obviously, I didn’t. Looking forward to hearing about new food experiences.

    • So glad you didn’t! I thought I might never make it back myself!

      • That’s the good thing about blogs. They just sit here in cyberspace and wait patiently for us. I had to take a LOA from mine last summer and fall while we built a house. I missed the regular “chatting”, even if it might be to no one!

      • I can compeltely relate! I felt so guilty for not blogging but really needed it for my sanity 🙂 thank you for listening!

  2. I’m happy you’re back. Love the before and after photos of your breezeway. HGTV (and the Food Network, of course) would be lucky to have you!

    Debbie S.

  3. I completely understand, we bought our house three years ago and we still have several small projects to do. I love the table and love that you are reusing as much as you can from your own property. We did the same with our house; what we couldn’t use went to Habitat to Humanity. After 3 years my garden will start to go and stop. I added compost and still start and stop. Finally I added compost and, cross my fingers, I see spinach, broccoli, beans, peppers, and swiss chard. I sure hope it continues!!! Good luck with your house and look forward to hearing your progress. When are you going to start selling your honey. LOL

  4. Dwight Milford says:

    Great to hear from your, Chassie! I am daydreaming about dinner at your new table! Good luck with the berry plants.

    • thanks dwight! I’m going to need a little canadian love sent my way if I’ll ever have berries as good as yours!


  1. […] tuned for the garden photos! For more photos of our House on the Hill click here. tweet, pin, share. we love you. thanks.Share Pin ItEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

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