happiness is

Happiness is a finished project…kinda.

We have lots of projects here on the hill. In fact, we have a whole chalkboard with a list longer than both of us are comfortable with but we plug away. Sometimes a new project is spawned from a great find on craigslist, an idea spotted on Pinterest or because it’s cheap. We have fifteen doors on our patio that need to be refinished, two 250 gallon water tanks being delivered this week for rain water collection, an old concrete basin which will hopefully one day be in our laundry room and Steve has amassed enough tools to make Bob Villa jealous.

We’ve been designing our kitchen for over six months, we have six fabric swatches for a chair we found on the side of the road and we have several floor samples throughout the house – none of which we have been able to make a decision on.

But – there is hope. We have a garden and a deck and they are both finished…kinda. The deck still needs a few pieces of furniture and possibly a hammock and the garden will continue to grow as long as I can keep the bunnies at bay. Right now we are thrilled to have a couple of projects kinda finished.

First up – the deck. This deck is a few steps from our outdoor dining space and it had terrible termite damage, a border of lattice that was covering a ton of old wood and junk that was left from the previous owners and all in all it was an eyesore and a safety hazard. We (and when I say we I mostly mean Steve) decided that it would be fun to refinish it rather than tear it down so Steve reinforced all the posts and stability beams with new wood and big railroad looking bolts. Then he set to work creating a herringbone pattern out of cedar fencing. Then we stained it with a water resistant stain.

house on the hill deck - before

Stay tuned for the garden photos! For more photos of our House on the Hill click here.



  1. you guys go!


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