let there be veggies!

A couple of days ago I talked about finished projects and then I teased you by only showing one of those projects. I apologize but I needed to give my favorite project it’s own private post. I hope you’ll understand.

Sometime around February I was starting to pout and complain about how much work the house was and I was never going to have the garden of my dreams. So my husband set to work. He braved snakes and spiders to clear out six years of overgrown ice plant on what was once a garden many, many years ago. He then scoured my gardening pinterest board and found a great tutorial from Sunset Magazine on how to build a garden bed. One weekend and several trips to Home Depot and I had four beautiful planter beds.

And most importantly – the man that made it all possible.



  1. How awesome!!!

  2. Good job, Chassie! I’m totally envious – your garden looks great! Debbie

  3. Chassie – this is so rad! You are inspiring me so much. Keep coming with the posts – your place looks awesome.

  4. I am officially in love with your husband!

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