i am a health coach. YAY!

Friends – I am feeling unbelievably inspired right now. I feel like there are unicorns and sparkly kale coming at me from all directions.

Since my passion for food and nutrition lead me into arms of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I have filled my head with every dietary theory known to man. The meals in our home have flip-flopped from eating raw berries, greens and whole grains to cooking our pasture raised eggs in duck fat every morning. Yes, duck fat. It’s amazing.

And now some exciting neverthoughtitwouldeverhappen changes are happening and I just couldn’t hold them in any longer.

First – I can officially start seeing clients! YAY! So if you have any goals and challenges around health and nutrition let’s schedule a free health consult so we can whip those goals into shape!

Second – I have started doing private cooking classes and in-home intensives with my good friend and super star nutritionist, Christa, from The Whole Journey.

And last but certainly not least I am now hosting cooking classes at Whole Foods Market in Encinitas as well as with The Whole Journey (check out my bio!). YIPPEE!

I’ll announce the cooking classes as soon as registration goes live and if you want to get a complimentary health consult on the books, download the form here and send it to chassie(at)cbandjblog.com

You guys are all amazing and I am so thankful for your support on this journey and I can’t wait to empower you to tackle your goals head on.




  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. So beyond excited to add you to our team, Chassie, you rock star, you!

  3. Yay! I’m so proud of you! Question: where are you getting your eggs and duck fat from?

  4. Just had my first consult and I am sooo excited to be one of your first clients!!! This is a perfect fit for your passion for food and your caring spirit. I look forward to our new experience together and congratulate you on this amazing new venture!!! Yay!! Chassie 🙂

  5. Jeni Lynn says:

    Congratulations Chassie!!! I am so excited and happy for you.

  6. you’re amazing! I’m so happy that you’ve finally fallen into your perfect place in life! congratulations!!

  7. So proud of you!!

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