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My name is Chassie, I live in San Diego and I love food…I love cooking, I love eating, I love trying new restaurants and recipes and most of all I love sharing – largely because there are always so many things I want to try and my eyes are always bigger than my stomach.  But also because I think food is meant to be shared – it brings people together.  It can be the center of a great story, lots of laughter, an occasional heated debate or even just a quiet moment together.  With this blog I hope to share with you  some of my tremendous passion for food, the joys it brings me and the new discoveries I make along the way.  I am completely addicted GT’s Kombucha with Chia Seeds, making popcorn at home, truffle oil, homemade pasta and a good latte. I also love soup year round and the BBQ is my home away from home.

Food is far from my only passion though.  I have an amazing photographer/recipe tester husband, Steve. He is my biggest fan and doesn’t get annoyed (as far as I know) when I relentlessly talk about appetizers, ravioli fillings and large dinner parties. Steve is also a foodie and we love to explore new restaurants, discuss new recipes, watch Iron Chef and cook together.

We also have 2 wonderful dogs – Cera and Rylee.   While both Wheaton Terriers they really couldn’t be more different.  Cera is refined and proper and for the most part minds her manners – minus her newest vice of getting into the garbage.  Rylee is our Marley – a rescue who lets just say isn’t always as well behaved as her sister.  But she is such a sweetheart and has such a pretty face that we don’t mind her occasional mischievous adventures.  Perhaps the one thing they do have in common is they always burp after a good meal – they must be foodies too!  🙂

By day I am the Marketing guru at Whole Foods Market, by night/weekend I’m a full time student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I love to read, garden, travel and go to concerts. Steve and I are total music junkies and we will travel across the country to see a $15 show. And it’s quite possible that along with recipes I will share many of our favorite artists in this blog.

Thank you all for sharing this adventure with me and please, share your recipes!


Email me: chassie(at)cbandjblog.com

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